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Assayfit Pro Basic Company Branding

Company Branding for Assayfit Pro
Host Assayfit Pro on your own website. One time creation of Assayfit Pro templates with your company look Have your customers use all the benefits of Assayfit Pro curve fitting

Have your customers use Assayfit Pro curve fitting on your website, with your look and your settings.
An example can be found here:
The company branding includes
  • An html input template with your logo and company colors to host on your website.
  • An html curve fitting results template with your logo and company colors
  • An iframe template to be placed onto your server for presentation of the templates
  • An Assayfit Pro Excel add-in with your company colors
  • Your selection of existing functions and options in the html template and Excel add-inn
  • Installation of the templates on all Assayfit Pro servers
Not available in basic branding, but available at additional charge
  • Installation of the iframe html page on your own server
  • Creation of additional new functions, options and calculations in the html template or Excel Add-in.
  • Structural changes to the html web page other than text changes or omission of functions and tables.
  • Branded user manual
  • Branded instruction video
  • An API key to  use the Assayfit Pro service
Assayfit Pro is a curve fitting service application which can be used in Excel, R, Python and others on Windows, Mac Os and Linux operating systems. The curve fitting service can perform 4 parameter logistic (4PL), 5PL, Linear, polynomial, spline and point to point curve fitting with weights, limits and extrapolation.  It can also perform Passing-Bablok regression. The program can calculate unknown values from the fitted curve. It is suitable for general curve fitting and regression, but is specially made for
laboratory assays like ELISA assays and others.

You can host the Assayfit Pro service on your website and have others like your customers use it. You can completely brand the Assayfit Pro look and feel. You can also resell licenses to your customers after you have obtained them from the Assayfit Pro website. If you require multiple licenses or additional features please contact us for pricing.

Click here for a list of all features of Assayfit pro.

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