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Assayfit Pro Curve Fitting Free Key

Free Curve fitting in Excel, R and Python. No credit card required. API key to use the Assayfit Pro service allowing 50 curve fits. You can renew the key after expiration. The key is valid for two weeks.
20 standards and 96 unknown values can be used with each curve fit.

Assayfit Pro is a curve fitting service application which can be used in Excel, R, Python and others on Windows, Mac Os and Linux operating systems. The curve fitting service can perform 4 parameter logistic (4PL), 5PL, Linear, polynomial, spline and point to point curve fitting with weights, limits and extrapolation.  It can also perform Passing-Bablok regression. The program can calculate unknown values from the fitted curve. It is suitable for general curve fitting and regression, but is specially made for
laboratory assays like ELISA assays and others.
The FREE API key for the Assayfit Pro service.
You can "buy" the key for free in our store by placing it in your shopping basket and proceed to the checkout. The maximum number of free curve fits you can perform with one key is currently 50 curve fits in two weeks.
The key will be sent to you by email. Enter the key and email address in the ready to use templates (see below) and you are ready to go. After two weeks when the key is expired you can renew the free key again by repeating the order process in our store. You can repeat this process as many times as you like.

Free templates and manual.

After you have obtained the key and accepted the license agreement you can download the software with free examples for Excel, Javascript, R, Python, Java and C sharp for Assayfit Pro. you can use these by entering the free key you received by email. This will allow you to use 50 curve fits for free, within a two week period. You can also download the AssayFit Prom manual with a detailed description of the functions of Assayfit pro. If you require more curve-fits and more data points you can choose from three payed plans available in our store.

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